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Ashutosh Enterprise is a fully dedicated manufacturing, sales &  service entity established by technocrat Mr. Ashish Joshi for providing packaging solutions & services to the  ever-expanding world industrial marketplace. Our expertise in understanding your need & suggesting you the right packaging products at right time enables us to handle your project needs.

History of Commitment :
With a humble starting in 1992 serving the mechanical industry,  we have grown strength to strength  & today stand apart in the crowd with a enviable list  of reputed clientele to our fold. From then to now we have successfully supplied our packaging, plastics, protective sleeves, multi layered / extruded films, pallets, packaging machines to a  number of Industries. From packaging consumables to equipments all activities are coordinated with one point of responsibility and coordination.

Innovation :
We are committed to clients packaging needs & approach each Industry with  solutions necessary to improve the customer's operating profitability. These solutions are sometimes provided with our knowledge of similar applications in other industries, sometimes from a depth of experience, and sometimes extracted from the customer's experience base through developmental team work.

We are a one stop shop for all your packaging needs ........