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Polymer Packaging Nets :
See through

Flexible to take the shape of packing material

Light but tough Usable in deep-freeze and refrigerator
In colors pleasing to the eye Made from FDA approved grades of polymers and colorants
Disposable Ideal for packing toys and confectioneries, sanitary items
Ideal for packing fruits and vegetables Infinite applications

Available in bag form and in rolls

Ex-stock availability

Shopping Bag Mesh
Shopping bags can be made in different patterns to suit the latest tread for longer life as compared to conventional polybag. Available in Roll and bag form in attractive colours. Printed bags also available
Packaging Net
A general purpose packaging net used for packing various items like football, toys, badminton racket and shuttle and basketball etc. Available in single/double/triple filament in roll and bag form in stretch width of 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / and 600 mm.
Tea Withering Net : Used in Tea Gardens for withering of tea leaves while maintaining its original taste and flavour. Made of food grade material, well accepted in India & abroad in place of metal meshes. Available in 1.83 m. width in black & green colour and three different aperture, sizes and thickness.
Serimount : Helps in uniform cocoon formation and also maintains hygienic conditions for a better growth. It can be cleaned & re - used. Available in corrugated form in Black & Green color.
Insect Screen
A healthy way to keep your home free from mosquitoes & insects round the year. Allows free flow of fresh air. Can be fitted on wooden / steel / aluminum windows and doors using hooks & loop tapes. Available in various shades, ivory, blue, biscuit, white, cool green, grey brown, pink.
Protective Sleevings
Protective Sleevings are used to protect critical engineering components viz. shafts, gears, pistons, dies and tools, threaded parts, powder coated materials, bushes, liners, laboratory glass apparatus, and many more.

Protective Sleevings are very convenient to use, just stretch and slip it over the component. It requires limited space to store unlike other conventional packaging products.

  Protective Sleeve :
Sr. Product Size Length Color UOM
1. Protective Sleeve 15 - 30 mm 25 m Red Mtr.
2. Protective Sleeve 30 - 40 mm 25 m Orange Mtr.
3. Protective Sleeve 40 - 50 mm 25 m Brown Mtr.
4. Protective Sleeve 50 - 65 mm 25 m White Mtr.
5. Protective Sleeve 65 - 80 mm 25 m Grey Mtr.
6. Protective Sleeve 80 - 105 mm 25 m Yellow Mtr.

Rose Bud Cap & Tubular Packaging Net
An attractive packed product is highly accepted. Packing should be neat and decent, easy to handle, disposable, light but tough, attractive, etc. but at an affordable price. Manufactured from very selected FDA approved grades of polymers and colorants to meet all the requirements.


  Shade Nets

Shade Nets are made of high quality polymers. The state of the art knitting machine makes our Shade nets of a world-class quality with knitting upto six gauge. The purpose for which the green house facility is intended determines the selection of a covering material. For example, in the temperate regions where high temperature is required, the covering material with high light transmission must be selected. Also the loss of heat by conduction should be minimum. Another important aspect in selection of covering material is the service life of material. Of all the covering materials, Polyethylene has the least service life of 2 to 6 months only, but when the film is stabilised for UV rays, the life is extended to 2 to 3 years.

Green, White, Silver, Blue, Black
Shade %
25 -30 / 40 -45 / 50 -55 / 65 -70 / 75 -80 / 85 -90
Size of Roll [ W x L ]
2 x 50 M / 3 x 50 M / 4 x 50 M / 8 x 50 M


Application :
Green Houses / Shade houses:  Greenhouse is a place where one can control the climate. A new term now common among growers is Shade House. The climatic zones where a little reduction in solar radiation can positively affect the plants, shade houses are catching up quite fast. In case of modern greenhouses, flexible-shading options has become popular. During hot or sunny growing seasons, this cooling effect helps growers combat such high- temperature problems as leaf discoloration, leaf scorch and plant desiccation.
  • For the cultivation of cut flowers, vegetables and Tissue plants in Green house.
  • To protect ornamental plants, indoor plants and nursery plants etc. in Shade house