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  How Anti Corrosive Paper Works ?

Corrosion inhibitor compounds vapors from the paper of film. They are attracted to the charged surface of the metal by virtue of their polar orientation. The Anti Corrosive Paper Molecules are align on the surface in such a way, that they create a barrier that prevents oxidation. The corrosion cell ( the flow of electrons in the metal and the flow of irons in the metal and the flow of irons in the electrolytic surface layer) is unable to establish itself preventing the corrosion.

  Salient Features

  • No air tight packing required.
  • Available in plain Kraft, Poly coated Kraft & Laminate HDPE Fabric.
  • Barrier coated papers and films protect against moisture and grease
  • Available in standard reel width up to 40" and also be cut to size in sheet form, as well as ready -to -use pouch form.
  • Printing can also be provided for bulk orders.
  • Being non-contact type corrosion inhibitor, it covers the whole area and the vapors can also reach in side the cavities of the metal parts
  • The thin layer on metal parts are not required to be cleaned of remover while using them.
  • Does not stain on the metal parts or package or leave any residual film or layer and treats the entrapped atmosphere / moisture inside the package.
  • The package items reach to the end-use condition.
  • Economical, safe and eco-friendly
Used for wrapping the metal components, which require protection from corrosion.
Anti Corrosive Papers can be converted into bags, envelopes & wrappers for individual parts, sheets for large pieces or stacks of parts, covers and liners.

(width 1000mm, length 100 mtrs)


For dry production of metal

(width 1000mm, length 100 mtrs)
Heavy strength due to poly coated
(width 1000mm, length 100 mtrs)
NITRATE and NITRATE-FREE Anti Corrosive Paper