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Garment Accessories :
  Collar Stay

We offer 25 different varieties, with thickness ranging from 175 microns to 250 microns.
Consistent with our innovative nature, we have introduced collar stay (bones) with self-adhesive tapes. This provides an option to the shirt wearer to add the collar stay for a more professional look, wearing a tie in office during the day and removing it for a more casual occasion in the evening, once the tie comes off! We give you options, so that you may offer the same to your customers… together we can form a great team! Go ahead … take the first step.
We provide customisations/ features such as gold foil embossing and printing on our collar stay as well. This enables you to add the name of your company or brand or your logos on the collar stay. Helping you make a mark, while we make our own. With you … every inch of the way!

  Collar Butterfly


We have finest range of over 90 designs of collar butterflies, to lift your shirt collar. We recognise that shirt manufacturers constantly innovate and introduce shirt designs in line with the latest trends in fashion. Further, every shirt is different in terms of collar radius and thickness. The sizes of our butterflies can be varied based on the size and depth of the shirt collars. We are sure that a browse through our product catalog will help you identify and select the most appropriate collar butterfly, which matches the design of your shirt collar.

We have developed our designs range based on the specific objectives sought to be achieved by any shirt manufacturer. These include lending appropriate lift and support to the shirt collar. Our bubble butterflies help to lend additional lift to the shirt collar. We also provide long butterflies, which in addition to lifting the collar, lend additional support and help to strengthen the collar. This ensures lesser damage to the shirt collar during transport.

We provide customisations/ features such as raised embossing, gold foil embossing and printing on our collar butterflies as well. This lends an added identity to the collar butterflies and the shirts in general.


  Collar Band

We have an extensive range of over 100 designs of Collar Band to choose from. These designs are in line with international trends and standards. We have a production capacity of over 600,000 pieces a day. Moreover, we provide complete customization services to meet specific requirements, particularly for launching new brands, new / special collections, etc. Our Collar Band can provide an individual identity for your shirt brands.


We are the first company in the world to introduce the concept of “EMBOSSING” on Collar Band. This provides an additional identity to your shirt in addition to the standard label. Try it out and you won't want your shirt to leave the factory without it!

We emboss the following on Collar Band:-

 • Company Name
 • Logo
 • Brand Name
 • Any other special mark

Printing & Gold Foil Embossing

As in the case of embossing, our value added services include printing and gold foil embossing of the following on the Collar bands:-

 • Company Name
 •  Logo
 •  Brand Name
 •  Any other special mark

Pearlised colours to match your shirt colours

Our dedication to development and innovation is further highlighted by the fact that we are the first company to introduce the concept of colour Collar Band. These provide a fresh and more attractive look to your shirts, which take on a whole new life … as they say

Variety of materials

 • PVC (03 ) - Poly VinylChloride
 • PS (06) - Poly Styrene (Environmental Friendly)
 • PP (05) - Poly Propylene (Environmental Friendly)
 • PET (01) - Poly Ethylene Tetraphatalate (Environmental Friendly)

  PVC Zipper - Ziplock :

  • Additional quantity in multiples of 1000 meters which are wrapped in Stretch Film. 10 such rolls are placed in a Master Carton ( bearing the "Magic Zip" logo ). The minimum quantity is 500 meters or 5 cartons. Our PVC Zippers are packed in 100 meter rolls.

  • Ashutosh Enterprise is proud to introduce PVC Ziplock/ PVC Zipper for the 1st time in India. These zippers are ideal for being attached by High Frequency Welding on to Soft PVC for making multi-purpose, reusable Pouches/ Bags. The manufacturing of these PVC Ziplock/ Zippers adhere to the strictest quality control measures, ensuring Consistent Profile Performance, Uniform Width and the Strongest Locking. PVC Zipper / Ziplock Standard Packaging.

  • Our PVC zippers are packed in 100 meter rolls, which are wrapped in Stretch Film. 10 such rolls are placed in a Master Carton (bearing the “Magic Zip” logo). The minimum quantity is 5000 meters or 5 cartons. Additional quantity in multiples of 1000 meters.